Week 3, Day 18

I left the measuring tape on my desk. One of the guys who is my buddy at work started giving me shit about it and asked if I was knitting a sweater. He said he wanted to measure how big his head was and he literally wrapped it around his head . . . I couldn’t stop laughing. There was probably a pube on it and he was measuring his hat size wrapping it around his head like Rambo or some shit . . . if he only knew where that measuring tape had been half an hour ago. HAHA!!

Been taking it daily for week

Hey Guys,

So I have been taking the product every day for about a week with pretty much the same schedule as I mentioned in my last post. There have been some mornings where I was running a little behind so I just beat off. I have noticed that holding my erection for longer seems to be making me blow a bigger and harder load. It could be the product. I read on the guide website that this kind of exercises the prostate. I noticed last night I had more control of when I wanted to cum with my girlfriend.