8 Week Progress Pic with Predoxen. I'm at 8 Inches!

Progress with Predoxen – Penis is now 8 Inches after 8 Weeks

HOLY CRAP….THIS SHIT WORKS!!! I am now at 8 week I just took a measurement and am I am nearly 8 inches!!!! Check this shit out!! I was somewhat skeptical at first but there is no doubt now. If I would have known that this would work I would have bought this a long time ago. I started off 8 weeks ago at 5 inches and I have grown 3 inches. No bullshit!

My Predoxen Results at 5 Weeks

My Predoxen Results at 5 Weeks – I am finally getting results!

I am at 5 weeks and I have some pretty exciting news. Predoxen is starting to really work! I just measured myself and I am rockin a solid 6 ½ inches! My dick has grown 1 ½ inches in just 5 weeks. I have to admit I was not sure if this was going to work for me – but I can now see what everyone is talking about online with the Predoxen reviews. The shit really works.

Been taking it daily for week

Hey Guys,

So I have been taking the product every day for about a week with pretty much the same schedule as I mentioned in my last post. There have been some mornings where I was running a little behind so I just beat off. I have noticed that holding my erection for longer seems to be making me blow a bigger and harder load. It could be the product. I read on the guide website that this kind of exercises the prostate. I noticed last night I had more control of when I wanted to cum with my girlfriend.